What is is a mobile phone repair service that collects, repairs and returns broken smartphones in 24 hours.
I have multiple issues with my smartphone. Can I get a deal on multiple repairs?
Yes you can. Book for Pickup and describe your problem and we will see what we could do for you.
What type of phones do you repair?
We repair all smartphones available in the market including Apple, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Blackberry, Nokia, Infinix, Tecno and Huawei smartphones.
Will I still have my warranty intact?
Unfortunately any repairs not done by the manufacturer will usually void your warranty.
How do I track my repair status?
You can track your repair status by clicking here or clicking track repairs on our homepage.
What if my phone cannot be repaired or I choose not to continue with repair after receiving estimate?
If your phone is determined to be unrepairable or you don’t wish to continue with repair, we will deduct a GHC 30 pickup and delivery charge from the initial deposit and return the phone to you. You also can request that the phone be discarded or recycled.
How long will my phone take to repair?
If we pick up your phone, repairs are undertaken within 24 – 48 hours subject to parts availability.
Will I lose data from my mobile phone
We endeavour to keep all information intact, unless it is necessary to remove as a part of the repair. These repairs usually include software problems or liquid damage. If your data is particularly important please do let us know when you send in your mobile phone
What kind of parts do you use for repairs?
We only use 100% genuine parts where possible. If original parts are not available we will source the next best thing OEM parts from the same factories that produce the parts.

Booking for Repair

How does the pickup service work?
We will happily pick up your device from your home or office (we service Accra, Tema and Kasoa Areas) and drive it back to our shop to be serviced. We will then work on it and return it when our work is complete, usually not taking any longer than a few hours.
Do I have to pay deposit before my phone is picked up?
We take a small deposit of GHC 100 before picking up your phone. This is to ensure that you’re committed to repairing your phone.
Do I have to pay any extra after paying deposit?
It depends on the diagnosis that our technicians arrive at. If we have to replace a part like LCD screen or glass, we will send you a full estimate before we start the repair. Full payment must be made before the phone returned to you.
How do I pay deposit?
Deposit Payment is part of the Pickup booking process. We accept Mobile Money, Visa and Mastercard for Deposit payments.
Can I book for pick up from your site in the evening/weekend?
Yes, the site is open for orders 24/7. Our ordering system is completely automated so orders can be made at any time.


After dropping my phone, it has become unresponsive to touch, does the glass repair fix this issue?
Yes, any non responsiveness your phone is suffering due to a drop will be corrected with the Glass & Digitizer repair, as the Digitizer that is being replaced is the part responsible for all touch functionality. Check out our glass replacement article to learn more about broken glass and the repair process.
The glass on my phone is completely shattered and chipping off, is the glass replacement service all I need?
Yes, the glass replacement service will replace the entire glass face, so the extent of the damage to the previous glass does not matter.
How do I know if I need the LCD repair or not?
If the actual screen of the phone is bleeding, white, or has any dead pixels then you’re going to need to select the LCD & Glass option as the LCD has suffered irreversible damage. Still not sure? Send a picture of the current condition of the phone while it is powered on to and we will do our best to diagnose it.
What should I do if my phone falls in water or another liquid?
Do not turn on your device. It’s best if you book for pickup the same day so that we have a better chance of repairing it. Immediately remove the battery and send the phone to us. Resist the urge to put the battery back in or plugging in the charger to the phone to see if it works. The sooner you get the phone to us the better chance of us being able to fix your phone and saving the precious data such as phonebook, pictures, videos etc… that is stored in the phone. Do NOT put the battery back in the phone or plug it into the charger.
My device was water damaged and now everything seems to work fine except for one function, Do I still need the full water damage service?
he easiest answer to that question is to simply Book a Pickup that one of our so our technicians can diagnose the problem.