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With its fingerprint scanner, the iPhone 5s is a definite keeper. We’ll take extra care in fixing that home button—or whatever else is broken.

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Released on September 20, 2013, the iPhone 5s brought with it a tons of improvements over the 5, including the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, internal upgrades, an improved camera, and a revamped operating system in the form of iOS 7.

The iPhone 5s remains largely physically identical to its predecessor, the 5, apart from a change in the home button’s appearance. Gone is the “squircle” icon seen since the original iPhone’s release, replaced by a laser-cut, sapphire-covered circle surrounded by a metallic ring. Inside it houses the iPhone 5s’s Touch ID sensor, which allows users to unlock their phone, make payments, and more using just their fingerprint.

The iPhone 5s was also the first smartphone to use a 64-bit processor. Thanks to Apple’s A7 system-on-chip, the iPhone 5s boasted increased performance that put it leagues ahead of its ancestors. Additionally, it was the first iPhone to ship with iOS 7. The retooled mobile operating system left behind the skeuomorphic design present in previous versions in favor of flatter, more vibrant elements. iOS 7 also introduced Control Center—a “quick settings” menu that has become a staple of the software since.

Despite the 5s’s nature as a piece of technological wonder, everyone’s a bit careless sometimes. Maybe you dropped it on the pavement one day, or maybe it took a dive in the pool. Or maybe luck just wasn’t on your side, and your headphone jack decided it was time to nope out.

Whatever the problem, we have a fix for it. Broken screen? Busted camera? Jammed buttons? Our crack team of on-demand repair technicians will have your phone back in good health in no time at all. Click “repair my iPhone 5s” to get started.



Color options: Gold, Silver, Space Gray

Resolution: 640 x 1136

Storage capacities: 16/32/64GB

CPU: Apple A7 with 32/64-bit architecture

Size: 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm


Weight: 3.95 ounces 

Front camera: 1.2MP

Display: 4-inch LCD

Rear camera: 8MP


Here's What We Can Fix

Cracked Screen

Did your iPhone 5s slip out of your pocket while you were walking to the store, shattering its glass front and cueing screams from you? Stop fretting: Our team of experts will handle the replacement.

Charging Port

A dead phone is a bad phone. If your iPhone 5s is having trouble charging, you might have something obstructing your charging port… or there’s something more serious going on. Let us take a look.


If callers can’t hear you clearly thanks to muffling or a scratchy, staticky noise, it’s time to get your mic fixed. Let us know what the problem is and we’ll send a technician your way to repair it.

Headphone Jack

YouTube videos and your favorite music playlists just don’t sound quite as good with static over them. If you’re noticing weird noises when listening through your headphones or ear buds, or no sound output at all, you might need your headphone jack fixed.

Home Button

Let us take a look at your home button if it’s stuck or just doesn’t function as it should. It’s very possible you just need to clean it, as dirt or other grime can cause obstructions. If that doesn’t work, though, Pavelon is on the case!

Ear Speaker

So you answered a phone call and you couldn’t hear anything. Or, alternatively, your friend’s voice was completely drowned out by weird, staticky noises. If either of these scenarios ring a bell, it’s time for a repair.

Side Button

Are you having trouble putting your iPhone on mute or changing the volume? Try checking and seeing if there’s any dirt or gunk causing the problem. If you’re grime-free, you’re likely in need of a repair.

Front/Rear Camera

Are your photos turning up blurry? Is your Camera app crashing immediately upon opening it? Let us know what the issue is.

Power Button

Shutting off and/or locking your iPhone can be a real pain if your power button isn’t functioning as intended. If you’ve run into problems with your power button, stop sweating: Pavelon has things handled.

Loud Speaker

If videos and music you’re playing out loud are covered in a thick blanket of fuzzy or staticky sounds (or you can’t hear anything at all), let us know. A member of our team of repair professionals will be at your doorstep, place of work, or anywhere else to get things in working order.

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