Released to the publich on March 11, 2011, the Apple iPad 2 introduced a new era of technology that innovated and built successfully upon the original iPad, including a lighter build, better processor, and both front and rear-facing cameras. With the introduction of FaceTime video calling in iOS 4, the iPad 2’s new front-facing camera allowed it to function as a stronger and more intuitive device. Despite its tremendous success and new technology, the iPad 2 is not an indestructible device - it remains as susceptible to the shattered glass screen or broken charging port as any device. That's why our iTechs specialize in same-day iPad 2 repairs in less than 1 hour, with a lifetime warranty and pricing guarantee.

Our professional trained iTechs provide durable repairs, that keeps the quality of the original technology inplace. This includes the longer battery life and a faster dual-core processor, which delivers twice as much power as the original iPad. iCracked's team will provide an iPad 2 screen replacement or other repair that keeps the look, feel and performance of your iPad 2 in place, working like brand new.

We know you look after your iPad for safe keeping and good use. Nevertheless, accidents will inevitably occur. Maybe you dropped it suddenly while walking down the stairs, or it slipped out of your hands while traveling in an airport, or maybe something unfortunate happened while your kids were playing with it. Life happens, we get it. That's why our iTechs are here to help - contact us today and we'll come to you and provide an iPad 2 repair in 1 hour, under our lifetime warranty.


Color options: Gold, Silver, Space Gray

Resolution: 2048 x 1536

Storage capabilities: 16/32/64/128GB

CPU: Apple A8X with 64-bit architecture

Size: 240 x 169.5 x 6.1 mm


Weight: 0.963 lb. (Wi-Fi model), 0.979 lb. (Wi-Fi + Cellular model)

Front camera: 1.2MP

Display: 9.7-inch Retina HD 

Rear camera: 8MP

Here's What We Can Fix

Cracked Screen

It's a tragedy, having such a big, beautiful display and then having a crack -- or multiple cracks -- running right through it. If you're tired of looking at your shattered screen, give us a heads up. We'll send an iTech to you to fix your iPad.

Charging Port

Without a working charging port, your iPad's going to have a fair bit of difficulty, well, charging. If yours hasn't been working lately, check to see if dirt or dust may be stuck inside and clean, if found. Still not working? Let us know.


Have FaceTime calls resulted in a lot of huh?s and what?s from your friends and family lately? If callers are hearing static or weird, crackling noises when speaking to you, you may have dust or debris stuck in your mic. Give it a check and a clean. If that doesn't solve the issue, contact us to get set up with a repair.

Headphone Jack

You can fit a ton of media on an iPad Air 2. Unfortunately, you're going to have a lot of trouble actually hearing it if your headphone jack isn't working. Take a peek and see if dust or anything else may be lodged in it and clear it out. If you're still having audio issues, it's definitely time for a repair.

Home Button

Without a working home button, accessing your vast library of apps is going to cause you headaches. Often when a home button isn't working, it's due to dirt, grime, or other gunk causing it to stick. Clean your home button thoroughly and see if that helps. If not, let's get you set up with a repair.

Ear Speaker

If you're hearing fuzzy or staticky sounds coming from your iPad's ear speaker, it's possible you have dust or other foreign objects stuck inside. Quickly spray some compressed air to clear anything out that might be causing problems. If that doesn't work, you're likely in need of a fix.

Side Button

Nonfunctional side buttons are usually the fault of spilled liquids, like soda or juice, or dirt and grime build-up. Give your side buttons a good clean. If they still refuse to budge, let us know and we'll have an iTech sent your way to fix your iPad.

Front/Rear Camera

Are your photos turning up blurry, or does your camera outright refuse to open? You're probably looking at a hardware issue. Fortunately for you, iCracked can handle camera repairs with ease. Hit "repair my iPad Air 2" above to schedule a repair.

Power Button

A stuck power button can be frustrating, but this is usually due to stickiness caused by dirt or grime. If cleaning your power button doesn't do the trick, don't panic: iCracked is on the case. We'll send a repair technician your way to handle things.

Loud Speaker

Have you noticed that coming coming from your iPad’s loud speaker is blanketed with static or weird, crackling noises? There may be dirt or lint stuck inside it. Remove anything that might be causing problems and see if that fixes things. If not, let us take care of it.

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